Entrepreneurship Unleashed: Inspiring, Informative, and Interactive

Unique Graphic Novel Format

Kris breaks convention by presenting his entrepreneurship insights in a graphic novel format. This isn't your typical dry business book - it's a thrilling adventure that taps into your imagination and inspires you to be creative.

No Fluff, Just Real Insights

Kris offers real-world insights that are rooted in his experience as an entrepreneur. He doesn't waste your time with fluff or pretentious language but offers practical advice that you can start applying right away.

Fresh Perspective on Entrepreneurship

Kris offers a unique and fresh perspective on entrepreneurship, challenging the status quo and encouraging readers to think outside the box. He believes that entrepreneurship is a game, and with the right mindset, anyone can win.

Practical Exercises and Actionable Insights:

Kris doesn't just offer theoretical advice but provides practical exercises and tips that you can start applying in your own entrepreneurial journey. He inspires action and change, helping you take your business ideas to the next level.

Meet Kris Goodrich

Founder / CEO

I’m an Entrepreneur to the core, fueled by my dyslexia. I see Life and the World around me as puzzles and challenges… and the solution is NOT the answer, it’s the game you play and the team you play it with.

My team is coming to play…
So the only real question is, “Whose team are you on?”


Discover a fresh approach to entrepreneurship with Kris Goodrich’s book, “Don’t Be An Entrepreneur.” It’s like jumping into a game where you get to create your own rules and level up your business skills. No need to be an entrepreneur, just bring your A-game and get ready to play, innovate, and succeed like never before.


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