Partners: Terrace Up

Terrace Up

At Terrace Up we know that you want a beautiful rooftop, done right and for the right price. In order to do that, you need frictionless execution with full transparency. The problem is there are no set industry standards for rooftop landscape installs which makes it impossible to have confidence in the work being done.

We understand bad contractors are costing you time and money which is why we specialize in rooftop landscapes with certified professionals who are experts in the field. Our partnerships with top manufacturers ensure that the highest level of knowledge and care goes into every installation we do. With Terrace Up you can stop dealing with project delays and budget issues and instead confidently deliver your rooftop landscape. 

The Terrace Up Difference

  • Request Pricing – All RFPs will be acknowledged and you will receive intent to bid with a timely response because we know you value your time.
  • Receive Your Proposal – Included is a detailed proposal with full breakouts in a standardized format with competitive pricing for every proposal.
  • Frictionless Execution –

    Throughout the process we will supply you with photos, project documentation, robust internal quality control, updates and closeout documents.

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